Kids panty

Chennai fashion is the best place to learn Tailoring . Tailoring is a passion for most of the people. We can create our own designs. 

What is Bespoke  Tailoring ?

Bespoke Tailoring is a tradional and labor- intensive method of making clothes especially which suits for made clothing. Individual Garments are made to order for customers by bespoke Tailors.


Dressmakers must keep up with changing fashions and must be aware of new techniques and materials. Each member has different needs and garments have different wear and tear properties. Dressmakers may do wedding gowns, childrens clothes etc., Tailors may specialize in military uniforms , morning suits , night dresses etc.


It is for the use by an infant and child. It is made both elastic and simple. It can be made of polplin, long cloth, satin, lines, net etc. Delicate fabrics like net is made with frill to make a panty. For illustrative purpose , the panty length is taken to be 8 inches and the babies hip measurement to be 18 inches.

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