Silk thread Jewelry

Want to learn Silk Thread Jewellery making ?

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Jewelry designs are growing day by day. Fashion is not permanent. It is not made of expensive metals . Fashion make women to look and feel gorgeous.


  1. Beads and crystal jewelry
  2. Paper Jewelry
  3. Quilling Jewelry
  4. Terracotta Jewelry
  5. Silk Thread Jewelry
  6. Paddy Jewelry
  7. Crochet Jewelry etc.,


Costume jewelry is considered as a discrete category of fashion accessory. Now a days Ladies are doing Jewelry Making in home as a hobby and for their personal enjoyment or foe sale purpose. If you want to show your face heigh lighted means ,wear a bright and big earings. Clop on earrings are not comfortable to wear.


These are handmade jewelry and it look stylish. The best part is that all important jewelry items such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be made using silk thread. But that is not the reason why women like to wear it, it’s that the silk thread jewelry can last longer and do not sheer off with time.Its unique and exclusive. We can do in many styles.

How to maintain the jewelry;

  • Always keep your jewelry away from water.
  • Make it a point to remove your jewelry when doing ordinary housework, cleaning .
  • While wearing the bangle don’t apply pressure on the stone, may fall because they are delicate.
  • Handle with care and do not drop your jewelry on the floor, rock or patch work might take.
  • Keep away from cosmetics and perfume
  •  Wear your jewelry after applying the lotion, makeup, perfume and hairspray .
  •  Keep a separate box for plain jewelry  and stone jewelry.


Materials needed for silk thread jewelry:

Plastic kada bangle,

Silk thread,

Nethi chutti base,

Ear ring base,

Small plastic ring,

Jumka base etc., 

For decoration kundan stones, stone chains and continuous bead chains are used. Kids love to wear this type jewelry.

We can customize silk thread jewelry depends upon their requirement . For orders and classes contact:9884861088

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