Blouses Churidhar Ladies Dress Salwar Kameez Tailoring

Week End Tailoring Classes: How to identify the Best Institute?

Setting the Stage for Tailoring Excellence. Additionally, in the world of fashion, creating your unique style is a pursuit filled with creativity and precision. To embark on this sartorial journey, you need the right guidance and skills. In addition, this article will guide you through the process of choosing the best institute in Chennai for […]

Blouses Churidhar Ladies Dress Salwar Kameez Tailoring

Boutique Designers and Tailors: The Benefits of Learning

Chennai boutique designers and tailors offer a range of tailoring courses, workshops, and training classes that provide numerous benefits to aspiring fashion designers and tailors. The practical knowledge and hands-on experience provided by boutique designers and tailors in Chennai can help students develop their expertise in garment stitching. Learning from experienced professionals can also provide […]

Blouses Ladies Dress Tailoring

Machine embroidery blouse: Expert Tailors

Katori blouse designed with Machine embroidery work: In the realm of haute couture, a trend is gracefully weaving its way into the forefront — the resplendent allure of machine-embroidered Katori blouses. This isn’t merely a fashion statement; it’s a symphony of artistry, meticulously orchestrated by the skilled hands of Chennai Boutique Designers and Tailors. In […]

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Pattern work Chudi

Learn Techniques in Pattern work chudi. New pattern work on cotton Pattern work Chudi. Printed material was stitched on the top . Neck was Designed with piping. Join Chennai Fashion Institute to learn techniques in Pattern work chudi. Tailoring proved to be very helpful as one can customize their own clothes according to their specific […]

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What is Tutu ?. : Meaning of Tutu : A tutu is a costume , Generally used by  female ballet dancers. Several layers of tulle combine to form this tutu. Chennai Fashion institute have certificate courses for Tutu designing Origin of Tutu and it’s application:   Tutu – the ballerina’s signature outfit The Past story of […]

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Aari embroidery classes

What is Aari embroidery ?. By all means, Where are these aari embroidery find uses?. Most of all, Where is the demand for Aari ?. Why people are crazy about designing by these type of embroidery in the first place?. On the other hand, Try learning these costume designing and decoration. In other words, You […]

Aari embroidery stitching Blouses Churidhar Jewellery Making Ladies Dress Machine embroidery Salwar Kameez Tailoring

Main Courses in our Fashion designing Institute

Chennay fashion institute offers best technical training course in Chennai. Of course, Clothing industry is one of the essential one in human life. In fact, Nobody will exist without dresses in this world. Even a poor person will like to wear dresses which he like. Moreover, There are many form of dress making. Firstly one must […]

Aari embroidery stitching Blouses Ladies Dress Machine embroidery Tailoring

Designer Blouse Tailor

Designer Blouse stitching is just increasing day by day in Chennai. Ladies Both north Indians and south Indians prefer to wear traditional costumes. Best Designer blouse tailors in Chennai As a symbol of prosperity, Tamil Nadu women wear jewels and Decorated Wedding costumes in marriages. Most of all, Wedding dresses are one of the prestigious […]

Aari embroidery stitching Blouses Churidhar Ladies Dress Machine embroidery Salwar Kameez Tailoring

Bridal Wear Stitching

Why is Bridal wear is indeed important in a wedding?. Firstly, Bride dress Stitching is an easy one ?. Furthermore, Can anybody avoid that in a marriage in India for sure?. Mostly, Marriage happens once in a life time for most of us. Of-Course, The wonderful moments in our life should be beautiful always. Never […]


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