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Neck model in Kameez

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About Grains;

The length wise grain identifies the threads that run parallel with Selvedge . Cross wise grain indicates thread that run across the fabric. The thread running lengthwise is the WARP and the thread running crosswise is the WEFT, these are called straight grains.

How to take measurement?

Garment cutting is based on measurements. Depending on the occasion and level of comfort, Indian women have so many choice to choose from.

Step by step process;

  • Round neck
  • Cross back
  • Chest
  • Waist length
  • Waist circumference
  • Hip length
  • Hip round
  • Sleeve length
  • Arm hole
  • Elbow
  • Round lower elbow

Know about Kameez;

Kameez is worn over the Salwar. The styles are frequently change as per style trends .  This method styles are developed by using the basic pattern or the block.

It has become a popular style among women of India for a very long time. Once considered a casual outfit, it slowly becomes formal wear as well. It is the convenience it offers that makes it such a big hit among users. Chennai Fashion Institute is a best place to learn stitching all women costumes.


  • Short tops
  • Umbrella tops
  • Anarkali tops
  • Princess cut tops
  • Half shoulder tops
  • Pakistan style tops


Short tops has become a popular style among women of India for a very long time. Once considered a casual outfit, the Short tops slowly becomes formal wear as well. Its more convenient to wear.


Umbrella tops dress is made with the finest range of fabrics that include rayon, rayon crepe. With interesting design and coloring. Umbrella dress is also made with a paint brush and  various kinds of embroidery.


This style of Anarkali tops is so versatile that it can be worn on different occasions like formal function or as casual wear.  The length and the number of flare Anarkali clothes vary a lot and depend on the style also changed a lot.


Pakistan kameez style long and reach up under the knees and almost to the ankle. However, it had no flare and come in pieces straight appearance with a slit on both sides. Most often, this gap is now decorated with contrasting colors and lace work.

Suitable materials;

  • Poplin
  • Terricoat
  • Cambric
  • Cotton
  • Silk


Cut the fabric as per the instruction. Join the shoulder of the Kameez and do a neck pattern with facing. Join the side seam together and also finish the panel of the Kameez. Finally join the sleeves. Now Kameez is ready with he new neck model.

Details of Kameez stitching classes

Hurry, join in Chennai Fashion Institute to create new model dresses. For Details of Kameez stitching classes contact; +91 9884861088



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