What is Tutu ?. :

Meaning of Tutu :

A tutu is a costume , Generally used by  female ballet dancers. Several layers of tulle combine to form this tutu. Chennai Fashion institute have certificate courses for Tutu designing

Origin of Tutu and it’s application: 

 Tutu – the ballerina’s signature outfit

The Past story of Tutu , it is derived from the French Children`s word meaning bottom.

1800’s the tutu was getting shorter so that the dancer can move easily and at the same time show off her legs. Today, the shortest tutu is known as Classical one and it barely touches the ballerina’s legs.

The Debut of the Tutu was made in the year 1832,which  was the evolution of long Ballet costumes.

Marie Taglioni wore in 1832 at the Paris Opera Her skirt was gauzy white skirt cut to reveal her ankles, designed by Eugene Lami for La Sylphide and today known as Romantic tutu.

Cecil Beaton in England, Christian Lacroix in France, and Isaac Mizrahi in the United States are the most familiar tutu designers.

when it comes to tutu-designers, the most famous of them all is Barbara Karinska (1886-1983), costumer for the New York City Ballet for many years. Her tutus still remain known as one of the most elegant, beautiful, and durable.

Barbara karinska was the first costume designer ever to win the Capezio Dance Award, for costumes “of visual beauty for the spectator and complete delight for the dancer.”

Application of Tutu :

It is mainly used for the Dancers in Ballet.

How to stitch a tutu:

For designing the tutu, it doesn’t require large sewing machines or technological equipments , its very simple and can be sewn with hands.

Nowadays it s been used for Birthday and special Occasions. It can be long, Short , fluffy and more. It is Quite often for one time usage.

Types of Tutu :

There are several types of tutu, and its our own creativity to customize

  • Designer Tutu Dress
  • Fancy Tutu Dresses
  • Feather Tutu Dress
  • Stylish Tutu Dress
  • Rotated Ribbon Tutu Dress
  • Strapless Tutu Dresses
  • Long wear Tutu Dress
  • Birthday Tutu Dress
Materials needed for Tutu :
  • Tulle Fabric
  • Feather
  • Crochet
  • Satin
  • Ribbon
  • Waist band
  • Decorative Flowers

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Institute for Tutu Dress :


Here is best place to learn tutu dresses in Chennai. Chennay Fashion institute teaches how to design tutus in very attractive and fashionable manner .

Varieties are vast in tutu, which inhibits our innovation to make it more prettier to wear.

For beginners to make a tutu it takes hardly 2 days to complete a single one, After trained It can be done in few hours itself.


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