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Crop top and pavadai

What do you mean by Crop Top and Pavadai  ?. Where can i learn tradition and western wear ? Chennai Fashion Institute is the prompt place to learn, Good Infrastructure , Faculties helps to acquire knowledge.


It is a free style outfit. It is suitable to wear with Skirt, Waisted trousers, Lehangas etc., Suitable to wear with Pavadai  is a Traditional wear for kids . It is usually worn with skirts. Neck and Sleeve can be selected according to the Fashion. The length of the crop top is generally kept up-to waist or little below the waist. Opening is generally kept at the center front or center back or shoulder , according to the style.


children pattu pavadai / silk lehenga  / langavoni are the old tradition in our Indian culture. All the dresses are made with care from high-quality fabrics and stitching comfortable for baby and children’s wear for every occasion.

Pattu pavadai or lehenga is formed in the distinctive colors and designs that are perfect for a traditional dress your young girl’s wardrobe. Adorn himself with a classy style statement for festivals, wedding ceremonies, temple visits or special occasions with this ethnic set that will make you look adorable daughter.

Suitable Materials;

  • Rubea
  • Poplin
  • Terricoase
  • Nylon
  • Net
  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Velvette
  • Silk cotton


Literally in the case of top of the crop . Keeping cool and sexy come easy with a crop top. A literally over a cropped ended just above, or in the midriff. Crop tops may be short in length, but they certainly seem to have enjoyed a long stint in fashion circles And this woman seemed popular clothing trend is here to stay.


Crop peak brought attention to the waist, so styling them can be daunting. But it is important to remember that wearing a crop does not mean you have to expose your belly always.  It all depends on how you put it together with the other elements of your clothing.

Here are some things to keep in mind and some clothing ideas to help you wearing a crop without losing the fashion quotient.

Perfect party outfit;

If you are not too comfortable showing off your waist, or do not have the body type for it, the best way to top of the crop is with high-waisted trousers or a skirt. Pairing a long-sleeved crop top with high-waisted trousers and pumps to work. And shimmer crop top with flowy maxi skirt is the perfect party outfit.

Be sure to wear under suits you well and quite comfortable, with enough space to move. Bottom wear can be very awkward when paired with the top of the crop at times when you bend over, change or move around too much.

If you do boast those washboard abs or the waist is perfect, you can go ahead and flaunt their bit by using crop with a mid-rise wear down like a skirt, skinny jeans and shorts. However, it should be limited to garments such as casual occasions. A striped paired with denim shorts would work great as holiday clothing.

Fashion outfit ;
Another fail-proof way to the peak of the crop wear is by layering them over a long button-down shirt or below the shoulder comfortable. Pair this with your favorite jeans.
Crop tops now have their ethnic versions as well.

A perfect fusion outfit will wear a crop top with ethnic prints and motifs over ethnic skirt floor-length matching. Perfect for a friend’s wedding. The reason for the popularity of the peak of the crop is the fact they are flexible and can be arranged in a variety of ways for all kinds of occasions.


This Crop top and Pavadai was stitched for 10 year girl child. Neck part is  Designed with machine embroidery work. Finish the front pattern with Boat neck. Join the  front and back shoulder. Join the side seam of bodice. Then finish the neck line with Silver Piping.

Pavadai was Designed with pleats and for closure invisible zib and Hooks are used.

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