Half puff sleeve

Ladies likes to wear something different from others. This sleeve is entirely unique style of Costume. Designer Half puff Sleeve. The use are for Blouse, Tops, Chudithar, Long Blouses, Frocks, Salwar, Etc.,.

Half Puff Sleeve Ladies Wear

This style of Wear is Elegant. In fact, It will be good while Mixing it up with a sporty look with women’s puff sleeve tops and skirts. Choose a pretty clear white cinched waist top with shorts sleeves, frills and tucks. Pairing this top with a chill A-line midi skirt in peach will be excellent. Most of all, Wear white to make a cool sporty appearance with a taste of grace.

Tailoring training institute in Chennai

Find the best Tailoring training institute in Chennai. Your Kids can get dress up in pretty little girls’ puff sleeve tops from Chennai fashion and Tailoring Institute. Choose from an interesting range of full-sleeved, Half-sleeved, printed, A-line, shirt-style, blouse on-style, Embroidery designed, sequinned and denim tops.

Learn to Stitch Top and Blouses

Learn how to stitch printed Half puff sleeve tops or Blouses in Top Tailoring institute in Chennai


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